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The Hunter-Gatherer

estimate number of IDDMs affected by Indian Ocean tsunami

I need your help to get numbers quickly: I need to estimate the number of surviving type 1, insulin-dependent diabetics in the areas affected by the Indian Ocean tsunamis, who need insulin, syringes and glucometers & test strips.

That is the ultimate number that I need. To generate that number, the following will help:

1. The % of the population in the western countries that have IDDM (a number we should all know, and I don't!!!!)

2. If you can give reasons for your guess at the same number adjusted for medical realities in the affected areas --- Eg., I would immediately adjust the number of IDDMs by a 20% multiplier: I would guess that there is only 1 IDDM in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, for every 5 IDDMs in the United States or western European countries.

I'll be multiplying this percentage by 2 million to get an estimated number of surviving IDDMs that need supplies.


Please don't hold back, any help with estimates will.... well, help!!! Also, I'm unfortunately not on any mailing lists anymore (wish I was) so if you can farm this same question out to mailing lists, that will help. My time is tied up right now being on the phone with pharmaceutical reps, the American Red Cross and other major help agencies.

Thanks in advance!

If you're interested, here are places to follow along with relief efforts and damage estimates:

Xeni Tech: Tsunami Disaster Web Blogs

and generally the NPR site is great: The NPR Tsunami page

I recommend the Wikipedia coverage especially a table showing affected countries and numbers of affected. (Edit; sorry about the previous version.)
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