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I'm being really annoying but...

I'm asking the same kind of question, but I'm really stuck. The New York job fell through, so I have to make a decision about whether I'm moving to Denver, Colorado or not.

Does anyone live in or near Denver? Would anyone be willing to help me out by researching options for very low cost health care there? I'd be earning $180 per week, plus room and board. I don't think I'm going to be able to afford health insurance, and I don't think I'm eligible for Medicaid in that state.

In order to accept the job there (which I need to decide on asap) I'd need to find somewhere (maybe a county hospital or clinic) that provides prescription medication (currently I'm on Humalog and Humulin NPH) with very small co-payments - like, around $20.

Thanks in advance, if anyone can help me that would be great... I'm pretty desperate!
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