Amber (skyplain) wrote in iddm_life,

Last night

First off I know this is not my husbands fault... but I need to get this out and cry...
Last night my husband had a low blood sugar... after trying all day yesterday to make surehis level was going to be ok... (he was a work and didn bring a lunch for his 12hr shift) I got him to get his mom to bring him food. I thought ok... he'll be fine now... but last night at 3:30 while I was having a great old sleep, he sat up... and was talking to my cats... I know when he sits up there is bound to be something wrong 'cas he hates waking up in the middle of the night. I asked "hunny why are you sitting up?" he mummbled a few slurred words... I knew his sugar was low, I went to the fridge and got him some Coke (we ran out of OJ that day) and tried to get him to drink it... he took at LITTLE sip and closed the bottle... I said calmly "no no... you need to drink some more." he gave me the dirtiest look and told me to fuck off (pardon the language) I'm not going to go into full details of the whole "arguement" but he insulted me very badly... and was breaking me heart... I finally got him to drink more of the pop and have some peanut butter... and he went back to sleep... but I couldn't... I went into the livingroom and cried for about an hour...

I know this is not his fault and it's not really "him" but it hurts so badly... and I love him so much... also when he's having his sugar lows it scares me to death sometimes because of the look in his eye... it's the look like he could just lash out and beat me... I know he wouldn't do it... but the look terrifies me.

(x-posted to other diabetic related communities)
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