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Hello again...
I'm preparing to study abroad in Granada, Spain next winter and have been tooling around online to find friendly Spanish and European diabetics. Are any of you guys from Spain/Europe, or have diabetic friends near there? I would love to find a safe community of people when I study there next year. Also- anyone know anything about the medical system there? Obviously I need to research this more, but I have found that the best information about diabetes care has been from people living with it.

Thanks again and happy summer!
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Well, I'm a diabetic and am in the UK, but things are probably very different here to Spain. I get my insulin etc. from the National Health SErvice, but have no idea how things work in Spain. Good luck!
i'm diabetic, and studied in france for 2 months. so i pretty much just took all my stuff with me. and almost ran out of insulin, because even though i alloted for extra- i ate a lot of yummy good stuff that had a lot of carbs! eek!

anyways- is there a spain study abroad advisor at your school? perhaps they can give you some pointers like whether you can get to see a doctor there for prescriptions or if you'll need to just have someone ship everything to you.

i did find this website about the health care system: http://www.justlanded.com/HealthTheSystem.aspx

and it says that a lot of things are available at spanish pharmacies that are here normally under a prescription.

and actually, now that i'm thinking about it, check with your pump company. i know minimed has a distributors and offices in most all of the nations in europe (and i just checked, there's one in spain too) that might be a good place to start- see if you can get supplies through them while you're there, and they may also be able to tell you if you'll need presciptions too. when i was in france i made sure i had the europe office's number with me, just in case i had a pump malfuction or other emergency, i knew i could call them.