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Diabetes 101

I hope you don't mind my promotional posting of an article I've just written. I've been on LJ for 7 years, and created iddm_life. This entry is x-posted to my personal LJ and to insulinpumpers.

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I'm going to open the hood on basic diabetes management so you can see the nuts and bolts of how a type 1 diabetic uses blood glucose measurement and insulin injections to manage their blood sugar.

This explanation of diabetes and insulin therapy covers the basics of a Diabetic's How To:
  1. Establishing a basal rate of insulin
  2. Establishing a ratio of insulin-to-carbohydrate
  3. Learning to judge carbohydrate content of food and the effect of what you eat on your blood sugar
  4. Learning to correct high blood sugar with a bolus of insulin

Valhalla CrossFit: Diabetes 101

The above page is a long article (3,000 words, about 5 pages). It includes brief explanations of:
  • blood sugar and insulin

  • the two types of insulin, long- and fast-acting

  • how a diabetic establishes a basal rate of long-acting insulin

  • how a diabetic decides how much insulin to take for food: the official, theoretical model, and the actual practice of experienced diabetics

  • how corrective boluses work

  • insulin injections versus the insulin pump

  • hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia

  • fitness and nutrition for the diabetic

For the non-diabetic, this article is a sound, informative explanation of how a diabetic must survive, cope with his disease and manage his insulin. The more informative 'under the hood', nuts-and-bolts view is extremely helpful for type 1 diabetics' loved ones, coaches or trainers, significant others, or just well-informed and caring friends.
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