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Hello everyone. I'm new here and I have a question hoping someone has some insight for me on.

I'm just curious if anyone else here is on the medication called Actos? If anyone is I am wondering what your experience with it has been like. I'm hoping to see my endo sometime this week to discuss whats going on with it with her and see what her suggestion is but I am wondering if anyone else is having some of the same difficulties I am with it.

Typically, my sugars are above 11.0 mmol/L first thing in the morning as I am a dawn effect diabetic. Recently they have been ranging between 6.5- 8.0 mmol/L at breakfast so thats been fantastic. No complaints from me there. No changes either with nightly routine so I'm not sure why my sugars have been so good.

I take 30u of NPH insulin in the morning and 54u at night. In the morning I also take 30mg of this Actos. I am on a sliding scale for Novo-Rapid at meals. I have decreased my morning meal scale to the 1:5 ratio so I am only taking maybe 5u of insulin at breakfast. At dinner I take between 20-24u to give a rough idea or the 1:3 scale so this is unusual to say the least. I am frustrated because come lunch hour I am low. I mean between 2.3-3.4 mmol/L low regardless of what my morning sugar levels were. Yesterday when I woke I was at 16.9 mmol/L and by lunch I was at 3.2 mmol/L. I had 45gr of carbs at breakfast and only 5u of insulin at 8am. By 12:30 I was at that low.

The Actos is the only thing that I can see that is making my insulin work overtime. I've decreased my Novo-Rapid so much already but I do not want to eliminate it completely in the morning because I think that will just cause more issues. I think that if I decrease my NPH that I will just disturb the balance that I have for the rest of the day. As by dinner time I am in good range typically; 6.0- 9.0 mmol/L. Its all so frustrating because of these morning lows.

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